• Société : Sephora France
  • Lieu : France
  • Secteur d'activités : Distribution sélective
  • Type de contrat : Emploi à durée indéterminée
  • Métier : Tech. de l'information/Systèmes d'information
  • Expérience requise : Minimum 5 ans
  • Référence : SEPH02107
  • Date de publication : 30.05.2018



Mission Statement

Directly attached to the Governance Manager, PMO manages Sephora's portfolio of IT projects throughout the project lifecycle.

He / She ensures the consistency of this portfolio with the IT strategy as defined. He / She ensures the implementation of relevant process in order to deliver a value driven Project Portfolio. He / She proposes and implements the key indicators of the health of the IT Project Portfolio and share them with the Governance Manager prior to executive committees, IT and business governance. He / she proposes improvement actions for an optimized management of the project portfolio and the capacity planning of the resources.

Strategy and Governance:

► Facilitate and support business in the decision making process for project portfolio arbitration: arbitrage on value creation, valuation of benefits and optimization of risks and costs
► Draws from an analytical version of the portfolio of projects (list of IT projects from all the business domains) a coherent vision and aligned with the IT strategy
► Guarantor the following strategic processes to the Sephora Executive Committee:
> Management of the portfolio of projects, and their follow-up on the criteria Quality, Costs, Deadlines and Risks
> Optimal use of allocated resources and manages the capacity planning
> Respect of project management and value creation methodology

► Ensures the follow-up and communication of the actions carried out within the framework of the 4 Strategic Axes IT

Portfolio management and reporting:

► Defines project portfolio management reports and KPIs based on the needs of the different departments and deliver the CIO Dashboard
► Ensures the weekly and monthly reporting of the project portfolio and resource capacity planning to the various Business and IT Governance bodies
► Conducts quality follow-up and communication presentations
► Contributes to transversal bodies to identify risks, remediation plans for projects to be launched and in progress: leads decision-making on inter-project relations and proposes project priorities
► Identifies bottlenecks in IT resources and entities/ regions, project start-up risks, cross-domain impacts
► Develops a consolidated vision of all projects by entity/ region by period to identify risks on IT and business resources and proposes actions to limit them


Process definition and improvements:

► Defines/ complements the portfolio management and capacity planning processes
► Offers actions to improve processes and tools. Implements and manages the project portfolio tool to allow an optimum use in keeping with the evolutions of the other internal tools managed on the same platform
► Regularly informs/ trains internal and external IT teams (including international teams) about the processes and their evolutions
► Ensures the consistency and quality of the data entered in the tool and organizes the necessary reminders to all the IT teams


Methodological advice:

► Ensures the "mentoring" of project managers/ functional and technical with a methodological contribution, to help them reduce risks and bring fluidity to the organization
► Define with the IT and Business managers the indicators of success and ensure their measurement
► Contributes to the highest quality of projects and user satisfaction


Main competencies required


Managerial and technical skills:

  • Experience of complex international and matrix organizations.
  • Knowledge of the Retail business environment: Customer/Client Focus
  • Control of project management and monitoring (planning, resource management and budget), including cross-functional projects (multi-functional areas).
  • Sharing of project objectives.
  • Multi-domain technical-functional knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the office tools including excel and ppt
  • Fluent in French/English

Personal and interpersonal skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills, ease of listening, oral, and written expression.
  • Teamwork and ability to work transversally: ability to influence leadership.
  • Perception of the political stakes of each actor.
  • Constructive spirit in all circumstances.
  • Synthesis and analytical reasoning
  • Rigor and sense of method and organization.
  • Natural negotiation skills internally and externally.


Information à l'attention des candidats


  • IT Europe & Middle East for systems and services dedicated to Europe & Middle East including S+
  • Europe/Middle East, Asia and South America for core IT solutions & services (SAP, JDA, TXT, IRIS, Networks...)



  • The role reports to the Governance Plan Director for Europe and Middle East and is based in Paris

Distribution sélective

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