Global content managef

  • Société : Zenith International
  • Pays / Region : Switzerland
  • Secteur d'activités : Montres & Joaillerie
  • Type de contrat : Emploi à durée indéterminée
  • Métier : Communication & Media
  • Expérience requise : Minimum 5 ans
  • Référence : ZENI00087
  • Date de publication : 28.03.2021


The Global Content Manager will be responsible for developing content for Zenith to increase the brand desirability, attract and engage existing and new audiences.

The position will be part of the Marketing team and will require a close collaboration with other team members as well as other departments including Product, Sales and local markets.



- Lead the creative agency based in Paris and contribute to the creative direction and storytelling for all the brand content.

-  Coordinate the executive agency and the copyrighter.

-   Manage a graphic designer.

- Develop creative ideas and storytelling for the brand across our platforms/channels (advertising campaigns, branded content campaigns, website including ecommerce, social media, PR, Visual Merchandising...).

- Identify and supervise content production with creative talents (creative and executive agencies, photographers, photo and video editing agencies, freelancers...).

- Develop print tools to support the brand and products (catalogues, leaflets, trade books.

- Monitor the budget.



- 3 years of expertise in content development, production and storytelling in a creative agency and/or internal creative/production team

- Expert knowledge of content development/creation processes (i.e., creative briefs, setting realistic turnaround times for creative projects, developing and maintaining brand and other standards)

- Experience in selecting and managing agency and content partners and vendors

- Strong communication skills

- A team-oriented mindset and an ability to relate to others and develop sound relationships

- Experience in working with cross-functional teams and departments

- Experience in leading 360 projects with the ability to prioritize and multitask, managing multiple projects with tight timelines

- Strong network in the content production industry

- Knowledge in watchmaking / jewelry or luxury products is mandatory

- Product sensitivity 


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