Department Manager LG

  • Société : Celine Europe
  • Lieu : France
  • Secteur d'activités : Mode & Maroquinerie
  • Type de contrat : Emploi à durée indéterminée
  • Métier : Retail / Magasin
  • Expérience requise : Minimum 10 ans
  • Référence : CELI01093
  • Date de publication : 26.01.2018


At CÉLINE the products are central to everything and speak for themselves. Ready-to-wear leather goods, accessories and shoes: each item is crafted to be beautiful and practical, without artifice, in tune with the everyday lives of the women for whom it is designed. CÉLINE's focus is on "less but excellent".

Rooted in the present, CÉLINE writes its history day after day: exploration, creative energy and committed choices lie at the heart of its culture. This explains the brand's ability to be full of surprises. Its major characteristics are sophisticated materials, a passion for detail and timeless modernity.

CÉLINE is a company which creates affinities, built on a clear value system: sincerity, agility, focus. Internally, everyone is a stakeholder and ambassador for a single, coherent project: to make beautiful, sincere and genuine products which empower women and give them joy in dressing and living for themselves.

CÉLINE looks above all for individuality and talent in those who contribute to achieving this goal, not a specific "profile".


TO DO (tasks and responsibilities)

Key function: support the store manager to achieve productivity goals assigned to the Leather good category and to manage in stores procedures ensuring all KPIs and guidelines are delivered in your category, foster improvement in performance, be responsible for ensuring the excellence of advice given to customers, and expand the sales team.

In practical terms:

-WITH CUSTOMERS: ensure that each customer is received hospitably and is given attentive and personalized advice; be unconditionally customer-oriented; build long-term, trusting relationships with customers.

-WITH THE TEAM: assist sales advisors in their professional development, hone their advisory skills and empathy, sharpen their attention to detail and care for the products; encourage them to constantly improve their performance and not to lose sight of objectives; foster sincere, friendly and collaborative relationships between team members.

-IN THE STORE: create a welcoming and energetic atmosphere, ensure that products are dynamically displayed and showcased, analyse performance, meet objectives and increase sales.


TO BE (human qualities and interpersonal skills)

The decisive qualities for us are:

-Your sincerity: spontaneity, being attentive and receptive to others; considerate honesty;

-Your agility: ability to bounce ideas, inventive pragmatism; a taste for collective intelligence;

-Your focus: high standards and expertise, concentrating on the essential, a clear sense of objectives;

-Your empathy: attentiveness and powers of observation, pleasure in customer contact;

-Your exemplary advisory abilities and your unconditional sense of customer service;

-Your energetic and unifying team spirit, motivating staff and creating an effective group dynamic.



Mode & Maroquinerie

Maisons à l’héritage unique et jeunes marques en devenir composent ce pôle d’exception. Chacune de leurs créations se fait objet de désir, toujours empreint d’intemporalité.

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